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What is The Wealthy Affiliate University?

Does the Wealthy Affiliate University live up to all the hype?

What is the Wealthy Affiliate University? How much does it cost? What do you get for your money? Does this Affiliate Marketing stuff really work? Is this a scam? These are some of the many questions I had about this program and I'll attempt to answer them for you here.

Sifting through all the Wealthy Affiliate Review Sites 

If you have been thinking about starting an online business and have done a little research then you have come across the Wealthy Affiliate University. It is one of the most promoted wealth building programs available on the internet. You can find a ton of websites either touting the program or telling you it's a scam. I spent countless hours on these sites and I still couldn't find the truth, so I decided to join and see for myself.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate University and how much does it cost?

The Wealthy Affiliate University is a website and not an ebook like most programs. It cost $39 per month or you can prepay for an entire year and get a $29 per month cost.  You can cancel at any time. It is a well organized website and for your money you receive:  Free web hosting, a website creator, research tools, a forum, marketing tools, and a ton of learning material and lessons. One of these lessons was the "8 week program" where they only release 1 week at a time. This kind of made me upset since I would have to be a member for a second month in order to finish the 8 week course.
Is the Wealthy Affiliate University a Scam? 
I decided to go ahead and start the 8 week program. I have never done affiliate marketing, in fact I barely knew what is was, so this was a new experience for me. The 1st week is designed to get you acquainted with the website and all it offers. The 2nd week started with the basics and by the 4th week I was no longer a novice in internet marketing. I have since completed the 8 week program and I am still a member.  The Wealthy Affiliate University is definitely not a scam. It is exactly what it says a University where you get your degree in affiliate marketing.

Mentors, Mentors, and more Mentors.

I am hooked on the Wealthy Affiliate University, it has changed my life. I knew it was possible to make money on the web but I didn't know how. The WA has taught me everything I needed to know. The forum itself is worth the monthly cost. There are members who make $1000's a month and others who make $1000's a week. They are more than happy to answer your questions and even give examples of what they are doing to succeed. It's incredible that the most successful people in internet marketing are there to mentor you through the process.  If you are thinking about a work at home career on the internet I can't recommend this product enough. In fact if you join send me an email and I will make myself available to answer any and all of your questions.

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 I joined the Wealthy Affiliate on your recommendation.  It was the best decision of my life.    - David B. Cincinnati, OH

Wow!  So much information.  I was overwhelmed at first then I settled in and I now have a steady flow of cash.  You were right about the Wealthy Affiliate, it is well worth the price.  - Janice Trumbell  Fowler, IN